Laser Crack-Off

BIEBUYCK always seeks to improve their cold glass cutting technique.

Taking the constant evolution in the field of laser technology into account, BIEBUYCK developed laser cold cutting solutions for 10 years now.

These developments allow BIEBUYCK to propose a final product named : the cold cutting solution Laser Generation 2.



The implementation of a laser moil-removal unit enables a thermal shock crack-off without any mechanical contact with the glass. The whole system offers excellent reliability, optimal safety conditions and reduced maintenance and operative costs.

The main advantages of this procedure are :

  • There are no more scribing wheels; so you don't need to replace them.
  • This generates higher productivity rates.As the laser performs a very accurate cutting line, the consumption of diamond grinding wheels may be significantly reduced.
  • The designers have more freedom when they conceive their articles: glasses with flared or turned in ends, shaped glasses.

    Besides, it is important to know that this technology may be installed on new equipment that has been developed especially for the cold cutting with the Laser Generation 2 but also implemented in already existing machines.

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